The Secret Of Freedom Is Spirit


The Secret Of Freedom Is Spirit

Wolf pictures truly capture the imagination. You cant go into town and not see a man wearing a wolf t-shirt. Any local post office or general store in North America is bound to have wolf memorabilia. Wolf shirts, post cards and every thing in-between.  People often associate wolves with freedom, courage, commodity, and spirit.

The wolf is a very interesting creature, and has many symbolic meanings, if you’d like to learn a little bit more about wolves, one of the artists I have been working with is so in tune with the creature and could talk for hours on end about their existence. Contact me here, and I can put you in touch directly; she would love to share her knowledge. These are a couple examples of those symbolic meanings:

  • Intellegence
  • Freedom
  • Instinctual 

Wolfs are the only creature that attack animals stronger than themselves, they also symbolize a lack of trust. 

Astrologist; Kevin Morris says: If a wolf is your spirit animal, it can indicate a sharp intelligence and strong instincts. The wolf symbolizes being in tune with the world around you and being able to adapt to your surroundings and act intelligently when the time is right. If you dream about a wolf, it can indicate that you’ve been applying your intuition and instincts to the right places in your life. It can also mean on the other side of the coin, that you are mis-trusting your instincts and there may or may not be a reason for that. 

They have stood out to me for my whole life, as I see so much meaning in a wolf. If you look more into it, you will learn more and more that you never would have thought about. Astrology teaches you a lot about them and what they mean.

As I’ve said in my posts, I’m very outside the box. Art isn’t just drawing on a piece of paper. There is so much meaning behind some pieces that we can’t even comprehend all of it, in fact more often than not, any of it.

If you’re interested in learning more, I suggest you check out this website, as I feel that it covers a huge portion of the symbolism of a wolf, as well as other creatures you may be interested in learning more about.

Contact an artist as I always say if you’re looking for more information! We are absolutely packed with goodies over here.

~Aaron Hill