Happiest Artist Ever

Hello world! John Hill is back to say hello, I don’t know where Aaron has been, we went on a trip to our hometown just over a month ago, and then he took off to China when we got back. Haven’t heard from him since, besides a quick talk every now and then. I’m sure that means he’s having a blast though, which makes me happy. I just wanted to express how blessed I am to have what I have. New girlfriend that is fantastic, amazing artistic skills, a great home, what else could I ask for?

I’ve been working on some new projects, mainly oil paintings. I can’t get over options you have for creating beauty. I will post some pictures of my personal paintings when I’m finished, but for now I would like to admire some more work that has inspired me dramatically:

Great Oil Painting Ideas


  • Detailed Painting Of The Human Eye – I’m working on one of these right now. The human eye has got so much detail, and so much meaning behind it. You can’t really read a person through their eyes (not always anyways), however you can look into it and interpret many different things; I feel like they mean so much more than we understand.
  • Abstract Paintings – See my post: One of my personal favourites for more details on my opinion of abstract art. Abstract paintings are something I have been quite intrigued by lately because you can express yourself without actual words.
  • Waves – The reason I like these is because they’re simple, yet beautiful. Waves were popular when abstract art became popular and I have always been intrigued. I’m working on one right now that I am looking forward to sharing.
  • Water & Reflection – This is a great one because you feel as if you are a professional. They look absolutely amazing when the project is complete, and it’s really not that hard once you do it, but it may seem difficult before you jump in. Don’t be afraid to try it, you may be surprised.

All of my suggestions are current projects that I am working on. I do spend time doing it, it’s definitely not about speed, it’s about quality. Growing up I always loved painting, but I was intimidated by it, I felt I was unworthy. Truth is, just like everything, you have to have a vision. Paint what you’re creating in your head, and instigate it. Your result may come as a surprise to you, even if your end result isn’t what you were looking for, something else will be created, and you will learn a lot during the process.