I Believe Street Art Deserves Attention

Street art at it’s finest

Street Art at it's finest

Street art is one of my personal favorites in the artistic world. In case anyone is misinformed, street art and graffiti are NOT the same thing. Graffiti is all about what comes out of a can, and I’m not saying that in a bad way, there is lot’s of respectable graffiti out there that I admire. One of the differences is graffiti artists are not making a conscious effort to be understood by the public, only by other graffiti artists. Street art is meant to communicate with the public and will sometimes intentionally send a message, or it is just done to please the eye.

Street art actually stemmed from graffiti. During the graffiti boom which is another topic I will talk about in later posts, some were motivated to create a foundation of street artwork away from the regular styles of art.

The beauty of street art is it’s motive to communicate with those interested in an artistic way yet in an informal way. There is a hidden message saying “you may proceed to create art however you like, it doesn’t have to be on paper, you can do whatever you darn well please because art is all about expressing your creative side however possible.” Uniqueness is key! It is kind of rebellious in a sense, but sometimes to create something beautiful you have to go off the grid and think outside the box.

While street art originated off the grid and away from social media, it quickly became a reputable part of the mainstream art world. We have actually gone from viewing street art as rebellious, to rewarding those deserving for their works; it has also become quite a sight to see in many cities in Europe. Street art now appears in certain magazines and is widely accepted by the public today, which makes me happy.

Basically, today, if you’re “good enough” you will be recognized and likely rewarded for your work. If you’re average and you don’t blow people away you will be red flagged and it will be considered vandalism. It’s unfortunate because I personally never understood why a picture on the street is offensive, I think our culture has smartened up a bit though. 😉

If street art interests you, I recommend you check out El Decertor and some of his work 

I stumbled across this man in my early artistic career and he really inspired me. I should have been focusing on my work and pursuing my dream, but his work blew me away, and he kind of brought me into the realization that I really love street art, I have tapped into this field briefly but I know I can do a whole lot more, and I will.

This is a brief introduction to my personal preferences in unique style of art. I have been studying different techniques and methods for many years now, and am continuing to do so to this day. I appreciate all modern art, unique styles & creations, in depth shading, and the thing I appreciate the most: passion.

I appreciate all my readers, I hope I peaked some peoples interest. Email me at: info@graydecay.com if you’d like more information or to begin a discussion.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

~John Hill