Continuing My Last Post…

Everything lately has been such a thrill. It’s not easy and I make a lot of mistakes daily, but for probably at least 70% of my day is spent just exhilarated by everything going on around me. Between personal life, accomplishments, changes; it’s all been so exciting. I’ve been trying to get around to sharing this stuff with you guys, so here it is:

Abstract Art 


An expression of ones unique message to create a different interpretation among each individual

Jackson Pollock

A very talented individual; in a nut shell the value Jackson brought to painting is comparable to what Jimmy Hendrix brought to the guitar. He created a very unique style that progressed to become a whole new level of communication to those who saw his work. He managed to amp the world of painting up into pretty much what we call abstract art today, his techniques and style are also used in oil, spray, and even digital painting still to date.

Jackson’s later paintings do focus heavily on the act of perception. It honestly does take time to fully interpret what his paintings mean; because they are not about what’s on the surface, but what is beneath.


Pablo Picasso

Really what isn’t there to say about this man; he influenced artists all over the world and created many different fields of art and style. I don’t think I can fit all the information into this post, but I’ll give you a link for if you want to learn more about the impact Pablo Picasso had on the world. Some of my personal favorite paintings by him are:

  • Three Musicians
  • Blue Nude
  • Girl Before A Mirror
  • The Old Guitarist
  • Dora Maar Au Chat

You can find those paintings on:

Paul Klee

Paul Klee has an interesting perspective of the world that I have lots of respect for: He believed the interpretation of the material world was only one of many realities we are subject to, and pretty much are allowed to believe whatever we want, and whatever gives us inner peace. Paul spent most of his life as a musician and was able to communicate to his followers through that form of art. As I say; art is everywhere. Abstract art is everywhere, we are all artistic in some way shape or form.

Paul was some-what off the grid, and often avoided the social norms around him. His art was very poetic, symbolic, expressive and abstract. One thing that was really cool about him was his love for kids. He was passionate about exploring children’s natural interests and artistic abilities, and really digging deep into inspiring young ones to be expressive.


These 3 inspired me in different areas and helped me shape who I am today; philosophical, expressive and artistic of course. I am very thankful to be able to focus on my own unique path, and create a foundation that follows my style.

Confidence and excitement can really get you far. I just want to try and encourage everyone to be the best you; do what makes you feel good and dig deep into it. There is so many things we as human beings are going to be able to accomplish over our life time, don’t waste it on things that don’t mesh with you; like for me I don’t bother with math, I’m just not good at it. Art And Music on the other hand I aim to expand my horizon as much as I’m capable of.

Hope you all enjoyed the post. Enjoy your day!