Art Is Everywhere

I use to be a landscaper; this is one of my favorite kinds of art. Though it’s hard on the back, the result of a completed project is usually more than satisfying, the bigger the better. Back in my home town the landscaping company I use to work for has almost tripled in size. They use to just do yard maintenance, and now they do drainage, irrigation, deck building, all sorts of cool things. The owner: Joel Cuttiford, is an amazing man that has taught me a lot; he deserves an enormous amount of recognition.

The Art Of Landscaping


Landscaping paints a picture of your property, and your habitat. Having a beautifully designed garden can really help put a smile on your face in the morning, and help let meditation occur. The goal is happiness right? I have found happiness in bringing nature to those who desire aesthetically pleasing properties.

Landscaping is not considered art, however, if you look at the picture above, any creative being will look at that and say it’s art. If drawing on a sidewalk with chalk is art (and I’m not dissing street art, I actually quite admire it.) Re-constructing an external property is most certainly art. It is very detail-oriented, colorful, specific, and rewarding once it’s done.

Not all landscaping is yard maintenance though, it is also done in parks, nature preserves, streets, city squares, parking lots, waterfronts. golf courses, sports fields, playgrounds, the list goes on and on and there’s so many lucrative reasons why landscaping is of the utmost importance. Something about a newly designed fully landscaped property, whether it’s a place of residence, a commercial building, public properties, architectures, any recent design that’s done properly just makes my heart melt. If you’ve been following my blog, and have read my other posts, you know I am very passionate about any kind of art. I don’t have a specific preference when it comes to creation, I like to think outside the box and appreciate artistic developments such as landscaping. Usually when you say the word art it makes you think of a pen or paintbrush, and a piece of paper. There’s actually so much more to it though. Art is music, love, passion, so many things. Same thing applies with music; most musicians can look at the art of music and realize there is beauty in other aspects besides their own taste.

Conserving and utilizing natural resources with general landscaping

Managing natural resources includes observing a natural landscape and creating a future proof friendly interaction with people and how they use their resources. This includes: Land planning, water/drainage management, proper soil treatment and garden planting, much more should be listed here, but I am exhausted and must get some rest.

Having a healthy external property basically leads to an overall healthier lifestyle and more pleasing surroundings; if you are in the Greater Victoria Region I suggest giving Joel a call, he honestly changed my life.

It’s time for bed.