peace within

Finding Peace with Myself

Over the past week while I’ve been social distancing and painting a lot at home, I’ve really been able to reach a level of inner peace that I want to share with you all today.

I believe there are unlimited ways for every individual to find inner peace. For instance, a serial killer finds inner peace in a much different way than a plumber or an appliance repair technician. If you’re a baseball lover then throwing the ball in the park might be your source for inner peace. On the other hand, if you despise sports then reading a good book in the shade might be your thing. Either way, the only thing holding us back from finding peace within is ourselves and what we choose to do each day.

I also believe that no matter how chaotic and action-packed the experience outside of our body is–say for example you’re in a thunder storm–we can still find inner peace. The peace within ourselves is separate from the events outside of ourselves and people who’ve mastered inner peace rise to the challenge, being stress-free and calm even during moments when others would panic. A big part of this though is being honest with ourselves.

I want you to think about what gives you inner peace, and I recommend, if you can find it, to do that thing as much as you can because in this age of economic crisis and virus pandemics inner peace makes the greatest difference.