Striving to Make 2021 the Best Year of My Life

2020 was the worst year of my life, but like an archer’s bow being drawn back I’m only here to be propelled forward. I know I can make 2021 the best year of my life. Unless you’re tied up in a basement taken hostage, you can too. It all starts with our attitude. Changing my attitude near the end of 2020 has made me come through this all with a whole new attitude. Instead of a world falling apart I see a world changing and evolving. My outlook on this new year is basically to improve my state of mind and in return my actions will create a better world around me.

Five things I’m doing to make 2021 the best year of my life:

  1. Going back to the gym twice a week
  2. Buying a small dog
  3. Talking to family more often
  4. Eating better
  5. Doing more chores around the house to live in a cleaner environment