I’m back!

John and I just got back from my hometown, Victoria B.C, it has just about quadrupled in population since we left to go travel. The main part of the city itself is still close to the same, however the surrounding areas are expanding very fast, it’s crazy. We saw our family, and some of my close friends who make me want to move back there. Anyways I just wanted to say hello, and let you all know we’re still going to be posting, but there may be a gap of a couple days here and there as we are moving around a lot and don’t always have internet access. Incase you care at all, here’s a link to some of Victoria B.C’s best places to go, I recommend these over a tour guide or anything like that. You will see some cool things but it’s all about the personal experience, and this doesn’t cost you money. Contact me personally if you are ever travelling there and would like some direction around the city advice on where to go for food or entertainment.

Today I want to talk about why it is important to find your own, unique art style

Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t get his ideas from other people. He was influenced, but his artistic mind is not similar to anyone else’s. It may seem like he has some secret recipe for creating greatness but no, it is unique, and that is what makes it so amazing. Basically what I’m trying to say is that if somebody does something, it certainly won’t have the same meaning when it’s replicated by someone else, and the way it was done before whether historical or not, doesn’t mean it’s the right way for you. Do your own thing and you will reap the rewards.

Leonardo da vinci unique art style
Learning from those you idolize is great, however I don’t believe you should revolve your entire artistic career around them. It’s all about learning from your idols and developing your own preferences. If it’s been done before, you trying to mimic it or revise it whatever it is, using someone else’s work makes it unoriginal, and your character will not be shown to the same extent as if you come up with your own thing.

Experiment, learn your strengths and weaknesses through trial and error and you will know your style in no time

Leonardo certainly didn’t pick up a paint brush and paint that picture above on the first go, he didn’t know his unique style at first. He did what everyone else does when their stuck; glean from someone else’s work for ideas and come up with something. It took him hundreds and hundreds of paintings before he fully understood himself and the value he could bring.

MORE RANTING, haha. That’s kind of my unique style right there, just implement exactly what comes to mind. It’s not always relevant but I personally enjoy re-reading my writing. 🙂

That’s all for today folks, safe travels.

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