About Us

So you want to know a little bit about John and Aaron Hill?

I’ve been very excited to create this blog, as I am very enthusiastic about art and music. This is a place I feel like I can express myself without being judged. My friends and family are great people don’t get me wrong, however we have different interests and different paths in life so when I start talking about my passions you could hear a pin drop, if I’m not talking.

I was born and raised in Victoria B.C. Victoria is the best place on earth in my opinion. I can go down to the beach with a pen and paper, maybe a paint brush and express my emotions while listening to waves, that is quite the privilege to me. I am currently travelling as I am only 23 years old and am trying to fulfil my life experience, but Victoria is my shire (lord of the rings analogy,) and I will always end up back there. My favourite place on earth is Gonzales Beach, a nice, sandy, somewhat private bay on the south end of Vancouver Island. I go there to recap all of my thoughts, recent developments, and to express myself on paper in a peaceful environment. Just talking about this stuff creates a vision in my head, and leads me to believe I will be back in no time.

Anyways, I spent the last 22 years there and the last year I have been around the UK, Australia and the United States. Meeting and observing different artists and their work. I haven’t figured out what’s next just yet but I kind of like that, honestly. I am a spontaneous person and I also know that whatever comes to me will bring me joy and prosperity.

So that is a little bit about me, if you we’re wondering who John Hill is. I will write more about myself in future days to come but for now I must get some rest, as I have a flight in the morning :). I hope everyone who reads my blog will appreciate my posts, as I hope to bring value to each and every one of you over time. Leave a comment below if you have something to say or e-mail me at: info@graydecay.com

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Thank you,


-Aaron will do his part when he gets to it.